Univox J10 Concert

Here are some nice photos of a Univox J10 "Concert" model - one of the larger clavioline instruments.







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Another Maestrovox

Another Maestrovox turned up on Ebay recently. This one sold for £156. I expect more and more of these to start turning up over the next few years.



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Another Maestrovox on Ebay

A few weeks ago another Maestrovox appeared on Ebay. Bidding reached £255 but didn't meet the over optomistic reserve price.



I understand though that a deal was reached though, and we might be hearing more about this particular model in the future....

For much, much more information on the Maestrovox then you have to go to the official Maestrovox website.

And remember, keep your eyes peeled for any Maestrovox instruments and let us know if you find any.

Link: Official Maestrovox Information Centre

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Joe Meek's Clavioline (for real this time)

Back in May I featured a Clavioline which was used in a film about Joe Meek, but today I have a picture of what I think is the real thing - Joe Meek's Clavioline - as used in the hit record Telstar.


The picture is taken from the Gloucester Folk Museum who are having a Joe Meek Exhibition at the moment.

Link: Joe Meek Exhibition at the Gloucester Folk Museum
Previously on Squeezytunes :
Joe Meek's Clavioline on Ebay

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Lots more Maestrovox Info

Here's a scoop for Squeezytunes !

Due to the interest created by the Maestrovox featured here, Debbie Curtis the grand-daughter of the inventor of the Maestrovox contacted me !

The end result of our conversation is that Debbie is now putting lots of Maestrovox information up on her website.

There's press clippings of the various models of Maestrovox and promise of more to come.

This is the first version of Maestrovox, launched in 1952. I would really love one of these !

If you know of the whereabouts of any still surviving Maestrovox instruments then let either me or Debbie know.

Link: The Official Maestrovox Information Centre

Joe Meek's Clavioline !

This Clavioline was purchased as part of a Joe Meek film project which involved the creation of a retrospective replica of the studio at 304 Holloway Road, London.

It sold for £83 on Ebay.

I wonder how much the real Joe Meek clavioline would be worth...


Clavioline on Little Red Monkey

Kiddie Records Weekly is a wonderful site featuring MP3s and artwork from childrens records of the 1950s and 60s.

Quite by chance the very first record I listened to was Little Red Monkey by Rosemary Clooney - and unless I'm very much mistaken it features a clavioline.

Listen to Little Red Monkey


Link: Kiddie Records Weekly Home

Songs for Solovox

The Solovox was Hammond's version of the Clavioline.

It seems that the Solovox was the most popular of the Clavioline family, probably due to the Hammond name and marketing power.

It was so popular that music books were published specifically for it with arrangements designed for pianists to play some parts on their Solovox which would be attached to their piano.

Here is one such book.


Solovox - More Fun For Everyone

The Hammond Solovox was a Clavioline clone.

He's an advert for one from the 1950s.


Claviolines on Ebay

I wonder what the collective term for a clavioline is - clavioli perhaps or just plain claviolines ?

This week we have a Selmer Clavioline Concert Model which unusually still has it's stand.


Over in the USA there's this Gibson Clavioline which has been well photographed.






Link: Ebay auction - Selmer Clavioline Concert Model

Link: Ebay auction - Gibson Clavioline