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Bruce Triggs

Wow, that second video is quite odd. Geeks versus gangsters and visible fart jokes, with flashers and a dance contest! All to the accordion! Wow. The first vid has better music maybe.

This Trot stuff is one of the cool regional accordion cultures that we keep stumbling on. It's great fun to see the weird places it ended up. I wish I could get more Korean recordings to play on our Accordion Noir radio show.


I've got a few tracks which I might post one day soon. It kind of falls into the 'weird' camp though. In fact I've found several very odd examples of accordion music this year, enough to do a short podcast - if I could ever find the time.

Some of the Trot songs I've heard are actually quite good, but the arrangements, instrumentation and recordings let them down. I feel that if they threw away the keyboard sounds and went for an acoustic vibe then they could get some success on the world music circuit.

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