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Do you have a high resolution picture of the Mustel harmonium we could use for a flyer for our Harmonium day on 11th October, its quite urgent we need by Monday. If you have any we would be most grateful.

I loved the mouse picture!

Jennifer Camilleri

Bob the builder

Do you know it's the 'Rolls Royce' of the french harmoniums ? See you, Bob.


Actually I didn't know that this was the Rolls Royce. It does explain the stir that Mustel harmoniums create whenever I mention them.

DUFOUR Philippe

Many thanks for these pictures...
Could you inform us about the number of this beautiful MUSTEL...
The number are scarve on pedal chassis.
Excuse my poor English
Philippe Dufou from Paris



Unfortunately I don't know the number - I only have these photos.

I enjoyed your website though.


Anthony Meloni

Is this Mustel for sale?


Tony Meloni


I don't believe that the one pictured is for sale.


I have a great need for a Mustel. Can you please help me find one?

Genevieve Lee May

Love the rat photo

David Vanderbilt , Chicago, IL

I have a Mustel celesta for sale. It was said to be the first Mustel celesta brought to the United States for use by The Chicago Symphony. Decommissioned, it was purchased by Irwin Fischer of Chicago and again sold to my family later passed down to me. It is in very good condition- one key plate connector is to be repaired, otherwise all is clean and functioning well.
Original finish is very good for the age. It is signed by VICTOR MUSTEL - the inventor of the dulcitone in 1860's, but this is thought to be circa 1880's. Interested, please acknowledge and I will provide photos and serial number of instrument as well as price negotiation.


I'm very interested in the celesta. If it is still for sale, please email me @ [email protected]



If anyone has a Mustel harmonium or a Mustel celesta for sale, I would be interested in buying it.


W. Bianco

I am planning to sell our Mustel Celeste. Top, original condition with big history. A nicer one will be hard to find. In temp. controlled storage for the last thirty years. Located in Nashville, TN.
If interested contact me at the below address. Thanks.

Zsófia Bíró

Hello, I have a nice, working Mustel harmonium (2191-1143), if somebody is interested in it, write to [email protected], I'll send photos.

P. Smith

I have a Mustel Celeste in pristine condition for sale. You can contact me at [email protected]


I have a Mustel 2 manual harmonium for sale. It was owned by Ralph Downes and was in use in Brompton Oratory in London. Mention of it is made in Downes' book 'Baroque Tricks'. The instrument has been restored by Cambridge Reed Organs. Contact; [email protected]

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