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mister anchovy

geez, they would be a nightmare to try to play...cute though.


I have one of these except it is a black "mother of pearl?" My grandma talked to the man who made it, he was in Elkhart, Indiana in about 1945 doing repairs. She didn't remember his name. She says he said there were only 8 or 10 of them made. He offered her $1000 on the spot but grandma didn't take it. I have pictures and a video as I am getting ready to sell it on eBay.


Mike, can you send those pictures and video to me so that I can post them here ?

Norm Luttbeg

Hi, I am Max's grandson and have two of his accordions with single keyboards. Several times when the doubles came up on Ebay I have bid for them. I cannot imagine anyone playing these as so many have mentioned.

Max arrived in the US and joined two older brothers, Morris and Jacob, who became a respected photographer in NYC. Max was also in vaudeville, where he played the accordion and took on all takers in a $25 given if I cannot pin you in one minute. I think he did make at least one of the double keyboard units in St. Louis, because I remember seeing one. He never played it in my presence.

I would love to find one of his concertinas but have never seen one anywhere other than when he played one at his home. Does anyone have a lead on one?

Maryann C

I have a Luttbeg Piano Accordion. It is simply beautiful. Any idea of the value?

Gary Williams

I have a black Soprani Luttbeg in very good condition - I intend to put it up for sale soon but have no idea of the value. . . Would appreciate any advice available in that regard.

Anyone interested in purchasing the instrument feel free to contact me with questions

Gary Williams Luttbeg Pictures

I have just taken some photo's of my Sopprani Luttbeg and published them on their own page on my website - click on my name below to have a looksee

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