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I just found this place, great site!

I've got one of these in my basement recording studio. It was my mother's. Sounds great... very full. You control the volume with a foot pedal. The key action even feels extremely nice. Very cool instrument.


I have one of these coming to me in the mail. I got it on Ebay. If you can't find it in their archives ( only go back a couple of weeks..used to go way way back,incidentally is there a site that keeps all of ebays's auctions from farther back? I'd like to know)
Anyway, if you can't see it in completed listings, then my name is paulj0557 if you go to my ratings page on Ebay and click on my feedback. I haven't got one yet since I just bought it 12/07. ANEEEWAY,,,sorry about the ramble, but these keyboards are so rare I have only seen 2 or 3 online, yet one person said they paid 1,000 dollars for one in the 1950's-60's.(wow!) and they said they were "common". Hmm' maybe in his town they made the darn organ and all his buddies bought all of them and that's how he thinks they're popular??Because they certainly are not popular anywhere else that I know of. I'll post some pictures as soon as it arrives in a few days. I paid for it around 12/15 and it's 12/21 now. It's the Holiday and so the U.S. mail is slower... So this one I bought looks just like the one pictured here on this page except no cool insignia and a few of the buttons have fallen into the organ ( I sure hope they are still in there rattling around. It has 2 cases, one for the top and one for the bottom- the two foot rests fold on swing hinges.and the pedal peg flips down like a motorcycle's kick start.
I think that because these are so rare that anyone who has one should take some good pictures and even some sound samples. I know I will. Maybe it will be my first Youtube flick.
I got it for a whopping $28! The shipping from Florida to Columbus Ohio cost $43 going parcel post. Come to think of it I bought a red Honer Melodica ( mouth organ with the piano keys) on Ebay for $8 in 1996-7? It was the very first month of Ebay- in fact I think it was the 2nd week! My sister kicks herself over being the exact 4,000th Ebayer and didn't buy stock. I know she singlehandedly got about 30 of us checking it out. I thought it would be a flop since you had to load pictures overnight, and buy a scanner...little did I know. As far as trusting the transaction, I had just a week earlier swapped via the mail sight unseen, but from 1 phone call and a classified ad , a complete Dynaco Stereo 70, Dynaco preamp, and Dynaco tuner for a Vox Bass. I think he got the better deal, but it was a smooth transaction and all arrived intact as described. I later evened it out trading the Vox for a Fender Mustang, which then was listed in a local trader magazine to my soon to be band mate and friend. Heck, my son wouldn't even be here if it was not for meeting my wife when I went on a housecall to repair an Orange amp head. So, ebay is great, but don't forget your local connections too.
Sorry, I got off track about accordions. Does having an 'accordion brain' count?


Hi Paul,

Do let us know when your instrument arrives. I'm sure we'd all love to see some piccies and a YouTube video.

Jack Armstrong

Read your article re: th Bonvicini Accordion. Earnest Bonvicini lived in Denver Co. and developed the T shaped Accordion and sold many of them in Denver. I took accordion lessens from him in the 50's and own the electric "T shape" accordion. It was developed to sit behind and play . It is less tiring. Any one need info on it , let me know.


Thanks for the info Jack.

lorenzo bonvicini

My dad invented the electricord in the late forties with a guy named Diego Gobi in Italy. My dad held the patent and sales rights till the earlie sixties in U.S. It was my fathers idea but with the help of Diego, it bacame a partnership. I have three of the original, or what you see in this picture. Since this design, there have been other more modern ones produced... they look more like a keybord with an accordion left hand and all electronic. These were made very close to the Farfisa factory in Italy, so technoligies overlapped.
The "L" on the accordion is for grandfather's name and my name.
I have palyed the accordion since I was a little boy...I have 17 accordions. Along with cagun...bluegrass...zydeco...beatles...pop...classical, I play accordion songs like, "Pietros Return", "Dizzy Fingers", "Tico Tico" and a bunch more. I have an especially cool "Limex MIDI" outfit on one of my prized Bonvicini Accordions. Talk about about COOL! This accordion will not only play by it self... but it actually restoreith my faith... as my father used to say...that, "the accordion is commin' back!" I beleive him...if I made the committment...which it would take...I could do it. I currently play with a classic rock cover band....I have a 76 key Rolland Juno stage keybord........sorry Dad.


Wow, brilliant to hear from you Lorenzo.
Do you have any photos of any of the more modern ones, or your Bonvicini accordion ?

We'd love to see them.

All the best,


i have one of these for sale for a fried of mine.her dad bought it is mint in box with origina paperwork. please e-mail with any questions,i will get pics soon,dan
[email protected]


Some more pics would be great, thanks.

Mike Ferketich

I have two Bonvicini (sitdown) accordions I would like to sell. They have been in the family for a long time (over 50 years). I can send photos - or . . . 2-3 days to respond.



I have a bonivcini special a bueatiful perfect condion accodian. would sell for right price. david 702-610-6594


I just found one in excellent condition here in Denver. This is an awesome sounding instrument!

Pat Olofson

Hi, My husband inhereited his mother's L. Bonvicini Accordion. We don't know much about it other than it has a label inside the accordion box. Grandpa and her played the accordion while she lived in Colorado but we don't know a thing about this instrument. It's is great condition and would like to know where I can find out more about it. Could any on direct me? Thanks, Pat



I would like to buy your Bonvincini accordion. Please contact me at Screenery[AT]gmail[DOT]com.

- Mitch

Bonnie Heaton

Hello, My Sister who is now 89 played one for years. She and her husband had a band and they played all over Mn.&N.D. and other places too. Then one night they were playing for a dance somewhere and it burned up on stage. But it was a beautiful sounding instrument. She loved it because she was 5'2" and didn't have to hold the big accordian anymore. She taught and played piano also. She still loves the music. She is now in a Nursing home but if someone is playing music she just claps and smiles and is so happy. It was her life. She now has demitia and can't remember much but she still loves the music. I still have the original picture of it that she wrote on that says Mine was Gray....

Al Antonio

Looking for a Bonvincini Accordion Heavy Rhinestone trim , is Black in color has a treble shift configuration that looks like a small keyboard. Was mfg 1949/1950 or there about. Is tone chamber in the treble section, Model was known as " VELVET TONE "

Al Antonio

Very intrested in the Bonvincini Velet Tone.
Please contact me about location of the accordion and your price to sell.

Aaron Seeman

Scott Davis

We just got one of these in our antiques mall. Condition is excellent. If you are interested, please contact us at: [email protected]

Ed Ritchy


I just found one of them things on a auction site

The current big is 31 dollars

Good luck

ED Ritchy


Hello - I am looking for a console accordion in good condition. If you might have one to sell - please contact me. [email protected]

nike air max 90

If you might have one to sell - please contact me. [email protected]


I am looking for information concerning the "blower" for the Bonvicini (or Bonvicini-type) console accordion. Please tell me the blower rating from information that may be found on the blower:
1. Cubic feet per minute (cfm or scfm) or per hour (e.g., cfh)
2. The pressure in inches of water (w.c.) or ounces per square inch (o.s.i.)
Any other information that might help me design and build such an instrument would also be appreciated.

L Armond

At youtube channel: 'gormonsky' you will find man playing a similar instrument in accordion museum in Italy. Also, he also playing Arabic music.

Jimmy Fedor

I'm interested in buying a pianaccord. Please contact me at [email protected] Thanks!

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