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Wow! That's absolutely beautiful.

Bruce Triggs

They make a really pretty bandoneon too:

mister anchovy

it's a lovely one for sure.

Bruce Triggs

I see this guy Roma Manziana plays one. Lucky:

I've got a record by this Simone Zanchini guy playing one too:


Cool. It's good to be able to hear one in action.

Frank Simmonds

About the Victoria Accordion picture and the comment,"Let me know of a nicer one than this." I do know of one equally as nice, but different. Mine is birds-eye maple: 41, 4 / 5, 120, one palm switch, no base switches. It is beautiful with a fabuluous "USA" scroll and carved grill, and inlays around the body. I believe it is old because the base wrist strap is mounted on the outside of the body and there is no air release button. Three sets of treble reeds are tuned dry in the same octave and play at the same time. The fourth set of reeds, also tuned dry, is one octave lower and is turned on or off by the palm switch. These reeds play only in unison with the other sets of treble reeds., not alone. There is no identification on the accordion, no name, no number, no model.


Sounds gorgeous. Do you have any photos that you could share with us ?


Pictures of my accordion,descibed above on May 11, may be seen on:


Frank, you say your accordion doesn't have an air release button? It is possibly the uppermost bass button, the one closest to where the air release button would be.

Frank Simmonds

I checked the accordion again but did not find an air release button. The bass buttons near where the air release would be play chords. I thought an air release button could have slipped inside, but when I took the bottom panel off there was no button, neither is there a hole where a button could fit.

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