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Albert Parker

I am seeking information about a George Prince melodeon given to my grandmother in Michigan in the early 20th century. It belongs to my mother now but she is over 90, has to move, and we are going to have to dispose of much of the contents of her house.

Printed on the fabric on the top of the bellows is the following:
"No. 8074
Improved Melodeon
Manufactured by
Prince & Co.
Patented Dec. 28th, 1846"

The number "101" is stamped in a wooden element of the frame near the bellows.

The instrument looks a lot like No. 2000 in the post to which I am responding.

A plate on the face of the case above the keyboard says:

"Geo. T. Prince & Co.
"200 Main St. BUFFALO"

The first two lines of the plate are engraved in a copperplate-style script; the last line is in roman italics, with "Buffalo" in all capital letters. The plate is somewhat tarnished, but it did look to me like it said "Geo. *T." Prince," not George *A.* prince, but I could be mistaken. Was George T. perhaps the founder of the business and succeeded by a son, George A., or vice-versa? Does the address pin down the date of manufacture?

The instrument is missing the pedals that operate the bellows. The keys work--at least the spring back if pressed--but I have not tried to access the reeds or stop mechanisms to assess their condition.

My mother understands that the case is made of rosewood. It would require refinishing. The hinges at the back of the lid have come loose from the case, but are present. Would it be worthwhile to seek a restorer for this instrument, or should we take it to the trash dump?

Through March 10, responses may also be directed to [email protected].

Skippi Wilson

We just purchased a George Prince melodeon at an auction. It is No. 31,281. I would love history on this: year it was made, cost, any thing else of interest. A tag on the inside by the bellows has a printing on each of the four sides, as follows: Smiths American Organs; Stodart Pianoorgans; Wholesale Accents for Pacific Coast; Woodwork, Schell and Co., Masonic Temple, Nol. 12 Post Street, San Francisco. (We live in San Jose)

Anthony Meloni

Could you possible send me a detailed photo of the under straps and lyre, specifically how it is attached to the case? I'm trying to replicate one that disappeared from a smaller Prince melodian.
Thank you.
A. Meloni



Unfortunately I have no photos of those parts. These are just photos I took from Ebay. Good luck with your restoration project though, I enjoyed looking at your site.



I am looking to buy a Prince melodian/melodeon. If you have one for sale or know of any that might be for sale, please contact me at Screenery[AT]gmail[DOT]com.


Susan Lynes

I have a George Prince Melodeon for sale..for sale in perfect working condition.. Look exactly like the one on the home page or in the george Prince adv..with the bolder legs..will send pictures and all info if contacted.

Susan Lynes

Like the picture in second Photo.. Suzi Lynes 863-257-0394


I have a George Prince Melodeon #23,742
for sale and it is in good condition. It has been in my family forever, my great great grandparents bought it brand new. If anyone is interested please contact me @ 949.633.0401.

Kind Regards,

Sharon Smith

I have a Melodeon that was left in the garage of the house I bought. It appears
to be just the empty box. I would like to
sell it. Any offers?

Sharon Smith

Dr. Robert R. Brain

An Ontario Van Loon family heirloom going back to the 1850s.

Question: what would be the approximate manufactured date of Improve Melodeon #18,571, made by Prince & Co. Pat. Dec. 28, 1846 ?

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