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Etienne Boulanger

this must be what is called la "hohnerette"
Look at Pat Missin's page about the history of harmonicas and free reeds instruments...



Thanks for the information Etienne, I don't think I've ever come across a hohnerette before.


Hoy, squeezyboy...

About such strange intruments, I've been searching informations, 2 or 3 weeks long, finding other examples of these kind of diatonic accordeon without below, a kind of MISSING LINK between the diato and richter harmonicas...
I found pieces of information at pat missin's, but also on Jean Luc Matte's page:

I think it should be regarded as a genuine family of music instruments, you can find information about many of them on this page:

Thank you for your beautiful web site...


P.S. I could also have confuse this "accordéon à vent" with your "Symplexophon" !

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