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That could be cool -- you could also probably replace the mini disc player with an iPod-like device and then you wouldn't even need to bother switching discs. I'm still wondering how it sounds, though. Guess it depends greatly on the quality of the recordings they include.


Yeah, an MP3 player would be good.

I notice that it's a stereo device, which makes me wonder if they've gone to the bother of putting the bass buttons on one channel and the solo buttons on the other channel. This might make it sound realistic if they have done that.

mister anchovy

There is something very twisted about this. For the same price, you could get a real Strasser, and take the time to learn to play!.....even that first little waltz would be more satisfying than the mini-disc player.....

Sutet Nerrah

I Live in the Bay area on the Oakland side near world famous jack london square. The people would love to hear famous accordian music down on the pier. I was looking for an accordian I could carry with me as I was walking along the pier and every now and then stop to play a wonderful accordian tune to a couple in the grasp of love while they were on vacation, overlooking the moonlight of the Bay near Sanfrancisco. This unit would be wonderful. I know it would go over big because accordian muscic makes anyplace more classical. What do you think about what I said.



Do it !

And let us know how you get on.

Good luck


I would much appreciate if anybody could provide a link to Hessmuller. I am desperately trying to find it but with no success.
Thank you in advance


I could only find this, seems to be a shop in the Netherlands that has them. I think it's the 5th one down on the link below.

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