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I recently purchased a similar instrument from a 2nd hand dealer in Los Angeles. It was made in Chicago circa 1920-30 and is a chromatic free base accordian. These were popular in Europe during this period, and there were a lot of European teachers and musicians in the midwest at that time. It has three rows on the keyboard, and is probably what they call C-system, popular in Western Europe. It is not diatonic, and was used primarily for classical music by advanced players as you can cover more octaves in a very short fingering pattern. Impossible now to find either instructions or music for these. I have seen on Italo American Chicago website a photo in their historical section a five row version. These were patterned after the normal 3 and 5 row chromatic button accordians popular in Europe but utilized a piano style keyboard and was not diatonic. It was also a part of a 20th century movement to redesign the piano keyboard and there is a system similar called kartsov which uses the Russian/Eastern European B-chromatic system. In the 20's and 30's there was music available - a lot of French Tango and classical compositions for these instruments. Powerful ranges but I havent been able to deciper it yet on my own.


Excellent info. Thanks for that Vince.


Ihave a 1920/30,s pickordia piano accordian want to sell it whats it worth.thanks

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