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hero accordion

hey! I found another one!


Thanks... neat find.


actually, I had one in my closet, good working order, and I'm selling it eBay. was glad to find someone online has also seen this thing!


Does anyone have instructions and music for how to play this child's accordian. I have had my since childhood with no instructions and would ove a copy of them


Hi, I have one of these that I bought at alocal trash and treasure market and it has teh instructions I think, let me have a look and let you know.
Cheers from Down Under Australia

Karen B

Hi, I have one as well, bought on ebay years ago... if anyone has instructions for how to play, I would appreciate! Thanks, Karen, Belgium


What do you need instructions for? Just play the damn thing! I did after I bought mine yesterday and already I'm getting some reaally good tones out of it (having never played accordion in my life)! :)
It really does look like a toy but the sound coming out of it is surprisingly good.

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