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I am impressed with your collection, having only recently purchased a Schoenhut Concrt Grand Piano using some information from your site. Just thought you might like to know as a matter of interest, but N.D Cass Co. made toy instruments and dolls house furniture all the way from 1896 right through to the 1990's. The only reason they stopped was because a fire tore down their warehouse some time later. I would only say have a look on e-bay for their products and ask the sellers what they know. Information on Cass Co. is deeply sought after, and now you know about as much as everyone else does about them. Thank you for your time- i hope this might be vaguely useful to you.



Thank you for that information, I'm fascinated by these Cass instruments and have found a few more. This sort of thing needs documenting for the future :)

If anyone has one I'd love to hear from you...


Hi, Your website is brilliant. You make reference to the stylophone clones which occasionally come to light and your site features one of these. The aluminium one with the polished mahogany ends and five extra keys. I am the chap that made this and was absolutely thrilled to discover it on your website. You also make reference to a mahogany one probably by the same maker. This i can also confirm as my creation. Thankyou. All the best, Nige.....



Thanks for writing, I'm so glad you like the site.

Have you made any other stylophones or similar instruments ? If so, then I'd love to see some pictures and hear about them.



I have made several models which have previously sold on ebay. There is a replica stylophone on ebay at the moment which is the first one i ever made. I made it in 2004 and have now decided to sell it.


Hi Nige,

I spotted your replica stylophone, and posted a little piece about it.

All the best



I have one of these Hering Pianos for sale and would appreciate any advice as to where is best to sell it.

Many thanks,

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