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Sean Folsom

Hello Ivan !!!
Recently, I have been looking at many photos of one of my favorite British Music Hall Artists: George Robey.
The person in this photo seems to resemble George's face and facial expression, and the "Kit" for his cross-dressing Female Attire. How did he end up on a French Postcard (with all that implies)? George had lived in Germany as a young man,and according to his "Bio" spoke excellent German.
Did he also tour the French Music Halls ? Is this Man a "Georges" Robey "Imatateur" ? (C'est possible)........
So "Google" George's "Images" and tell me what you think.
Meanwhile, Happy Christmas,
and have a Good New Year !
Your California Correspondent,
Sean Folsom
(A Piper with an ever-expanding Flutina


Hi Sean,

I think you could be on to something here.
There's a distinct similarity with the picture on a cigarette card here
The cigarette card says he was 63, which puts the photo into the 1930s.
What I don't know though is the age of the photo postcard above. If it was 1920s or 30s then it would seem to fit.

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