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Grady Johnson

I recently bought a B250 in France, and now use it as my principal keyboard (I also have an analog Roland synth and an Elka X-50 B3 clone). I love it. It needs a little attention (the percussion section) and we'll give it a good service this summer. I've also bought a Leslie 825 to go with it, but it's not wired-in yet (9-pin Leslie/11-pin organ).

Only 400 made ? A pity. It's a fine instrument.


Cool. Thanks for letting us know about your lucky find.

Rob Millis

Hi - great site. I had a Hammond B250 once and I would urge all who have one NOT to part with it. Hideously unfashionable - laughed at, even - among purists but I know one thing: through a decent Leslie they sound fat and ballsy. I've had most of the currently championed digital clones, and apart from offering certain B3 features that this little baby never had (most notably a credible scanner-vibrato style chorus effect) they don't even come close to offering the sheer satisfaction and fun that playing the old B250 (let's not forget this a Hammond console organ) gave you in bucketloads.


Thanks for the info Rob. So now you know, B250 owners, keep it.

frieda peppercorn

hi, I am looking for a ships piano, second hand, anything, they all seem to be at least a grand every where I look, and I don't have that sort of money, and I was looking at the ones on here any they all seem so cheap! I was just wondering if anyone knew any one else who was selling one

my email [email protected]


Nancy Budich

Hello, I recently purchased a Toy, Hering, Wood Piano, 20 total keys, Made in Brazil. How do I find the value of this piano? Thanks


hi i owwn a hering toy stradvarius piano, which i see you one sold recently, some of the keys no longer work and i was wondering if you know of anyone who could repair the piano?

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