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hi there. "The player organ eventually went for £1450." - are you referring to the Hohner Organetta?? I have the exact same one and am wondering what it's current value is.


Oh... here it is :)
These Organettes are so cheap - you've just gotta buy one. 20 to 50 Euros on eBay Germany.


Yes, one day I will buy one Spaz.
20 Euro is only £14.

Sherry Mae Jewell

Hello! I have inherited a Hohner keyboard and am having a time identifying it. Can someone help me. I will gladly send photos. It is 13" by about 27", has 28 white keys - 20 black. It is in a wooden case and has a label on the bottom that reads, in part, TYP 9807 DBGM 1733159. It is electric. I would really appreciate any info you can provide. Thanks



Send the photos to squeezyboy at and I'll feature them on the 'readers intruments' section. I'm sure someone will be able to help identify it.


please! some one know how much is the multimonica hohne, i have one in very good conditions but i don't know the price . please i'll appreciate your help, thanks!!


I have a Hohner organetta. I live in the US. The organetta is on 50 cycle and in the US it needs to be on 60 cycle. Does anyone how I can test it to see if it works in the US.


Recently I bought a Hohner Organette on Ebay for U$ 950. very cheap. I sold it out for more then U$ 1500 onto a music museum in NY. The told me they are very rear.


The Organette is kind of like a blow-accordion isn't it ?

Similar to the Hohnerette


I have a Hohner Organetta Deluxe. One of the fuses has gone so the backbeats do not work. Does anyone know where I can get another?


1971 Organetta keyboard... yellow, works great,still have original new. Does anyone know value?


Last year I sold out on Ebay my Organette from 1957 for Eur. 465. Ship it to Canada
To cheap I think.


I live in Germany.
Sold out via Marktplaats to a person in Holland my Organette for Eur. 850. By the way, there where more then 15 bidders!
Recently the guy in Holland sold it out via Ebay for Eur. 1685. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....grrrrrrr.


I have a Hohner Organetta type 9806, just like the green one above. From the late 1950's. Rolf, do you still have access to the mentioned 15 bidders...?


Hello, I've recently found a Hohner Organet. I dont know anything about it though. I've attached the URL to a kijiji ad. It came in the case and works. Any information is appreciated. thanks


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I've attached the URL to a kijiji ad. It came in the case and works. Any information is appreciated. thanks

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