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Ranie Jordan, North Charleston, SC

My mom purchased a used Casspinette Toy Piano for my young son about a year ago. She bought it used at a yard sale for $15, I think. It's in pretty good condition. The light oak-colored veneer is intact, except for a narrow strip missing just above the keys. The rest of the wood is intact, but slightly worn. It's obviously been well-loved because all the screw holes are slightly welled out. It had its stool, too! The company name is in the UPPER right hand corner, above the keys. (I emphasized the upper part because I noticed that the other pictures I've seen all had the company name in the LOWER right-hand corner, directly above the keys.) The sound's not too bad,either. I have no idea how old this piano is and am having trouble finding ANY information about these pianos online. Thank you for sharing what you know. I hope my comments are helpful... Have a great day!! :o)


This link tells a little about the fire at the N.D.Cass factory...


Thanks for the link Ranie.


We just purchased a decent Casspinet for $15 at "Court Day" in Preston, Ky. [This 100 year old annual flea market is named such because it takes place on the weekend of the traditional date for the Fall district court, when all the people would come out of the mountains to meet and trade wares, garden surplus, etc. before winter.]
Anyway - paid $15 for the little piano for our 2 year old. A couple of keys were stuck, fixable, but the sound is really great. Ours has a "rosewood" finish with the Cassspinet name printed in gold in the center of the wooden backplate. Would love to know more about them myself.


I found your site while researching toy pianos. My mother's parents lived in Athol, so I was intrigued to learn of N.D. Cass Toy, and did a little digging. Mostly I found obituaries of former Cass employees, but I did manage to figure out when the company really closed...

Although they did lose a warehouse to arson in 1996, Cass remained open until December of 2003 - but according to the below, they shifted from toys to children's furniture (and dollhouse furniture) in the 1960's.

Oddly, the remaining Cass building burned down in 2005

Amy Smith

I have one mine is green in color I can't remember where I got it ....I have it in my loft I surprised these don't sell for much more.


Yes, it is a bit surprising - I agree.


I was given a toy piano in its original box. The name is spelled "Casspinet" looks old and needs a few keys. I have no further info on it. I would appreciate if anyone could provide more info on these pianos

Jessica Friend

I have an Casspinette piano that has been in my family since 1971 with my sister. It has been passed down to my two year old. My father said that he found the piano in the dump in 1971 and refinished it for my sister. I was wondering how to tell exactly how hold it was and see the value.

Chris Parker

My father gave me his old Caspinette piano. I am not really sure how old it is, but he was born in 1957. I just looked it up for sh*t's and giggles. I am surprised that they aren't worth more than $20.00. It looks almost identical to the "funky" red and black one pictured above. The only difference being a table model, rather than a sit down model! All I know about it, is it still plays decent for a toy piano. It will probably be around long enough to pass down to my great grand children! Chalk it up for another quality toy built in the U.S.A. that has been around the family forever! The SH*t made in Communist China doesn't even work outta' the box usually! Let alone 52 years later! :)

I found this piano in a used sundry's store while we were on a Search.
The musician is my Search and Rescue dog. He indicated the missing man had sat in a chair in the store this piano was in. The piano was there, right beside the chair. I saw it, and have been looking for this piano for 4 years. So I handed one of my flankers some money, and told them to buy that piano for me as the dog took me out of the store and down the street in the quest to find the missing man. I bought it for $35 and thought it was a steal!

Kim Redmond

I just picked up a casspinet toy piano and bench at an estate sale today. The little song booklet that came with it is dated 1949. You don't have a picture of this model posted. If you'd like one, let me know.


I have a Casspinet childs toy piano,the book says the n.d. cass co. 200 5th ave nyc factories Athol,mass, it has a song book with it. Trying to find out what it is worth.
Thanks Jennie


is this thing on?
i just got one, excellent shape, works, wood is in great shape, still has the original shine to it, with a stool,
how do i post pictures, or find out the value of it please?

Chatty Cathy

I also got one as a child. Mine is the wood finish with 3 sets of 3 black keys and 2 black keys. I have the bench, song book, and key guide also.

Jody@ kids bean bag

I'd love to have one of these pianos for my kids. Truly classic.


I've got some photos under ... enjoy!

Kimberly Stoppi

found a wooden toy doll highchair. Has a red label with cass toys and a number 5 into the wood under the sit. Can anyone tell me anything about it?


i just recently inhareted my mothers it looks just like the first picture she had it as a young child and now my daughter will be getting it i know its old and was just looking to find out if it was worth anything because i dont see them very much!

Lynwood Sibley

I worked for N.D.CASS co in 49 making toy
piano's on Lumber St. Athol, Mass these were
the little Red ones about a foot across
and also I went to school with Bill Jr.
and I had not realized CASS was not still
in business

Vivian Jeanmard

We have one too which we bought for our son who is now 45. It has 6 broken keys which we would like to replace so our great-granddaughter can use it. Have not been able to find replacement keys - YET!!


As of today the old Cass warehouse building in Athol MA on Lumber St. burned to the ground. So I would except these to go up in value as it was the last Cass building. It's really sad, the blaze called for 15 towns to respond to try to fight the fire! Sadly they could not save it. As of now there is no information on how this last fire started. I would suggest keeping them as they are antiques and you probably won't come across another one again!

Kim Kelley

I was about 5 years old (am now 58) when my parents gave me my little N.D. Cass Company Grand Piano painted in yellow-cream with white/black keys, and the music holder in red, complete with matching bench. A fold out guide which was included was worn out when I was still young, I played it so much.

I still have that piano. As of recently, it is now in my own home since my parents have passed. It is still in excellent condition, and plays darned well, too. I also have the "Songs for Casspinette" music book which came with it, and is also still in excellent condition.

I played that thing from one end to the other, and ended up majoring in music, although I sing more than I play, now. I love this little piano. It's funny, but my husband gave me a 1911 upright piano for my wedding gift.

Anyway, at its age of 53 when I received it, I absolutely love my little piano, especially since it set my feet on the musical path, and now will find a place to put it.

Mark Young

I have a yellow and red grand piano with bench too. Sounds just like the one posted by Kim Kelley. I bought mine in 1976 from an antique store for $25. I thought it would be worth a lot more by now. I love the little Casspinette though and it stills plays great.


I found my white casspinette at a yard sale and spent less than $5.00 for it. I too am amazed it isn't worth more than$25-$30. Sad to learn about the warehouse fire. The piano is missing three keys and I would like to replace them. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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