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Jeff Szymanel

Sorry, I don't know anything about your instrument. But I own one very similar to it. I was told by my older brothers that it came over "on the boat" with my grandparents. If you've found anything out since your posting I would be glad to find out more.


Willems Marc Baron Ruzettelaan 258 Bruges Belgium

I must follow Jeff with his comment. I also know nothing about a very similar Stähltöne instrument, hower the instrument that I have is less rich in ornaments on the front. It was among a number of accordeons the favorite accordeon of my oncle because it is rather small and easy to handle. He was a international trainmachinest before World War I. The accordeon is still morfe or less funcional


I also have a similar instrument, the following additional information is on the instrument:

CA Wunderlich

If anyone have information as well as a value please let me know.

Thank You


I guess that CA Wunderlich is the shop where it was bought. Siebenbrunn seems to be a part of Bavaria.

Jukka Nikka


"Stahltöne" is not the name of the accordion. It's a German word meaning "steel reeds". The harp logo with letters B. H. & S. is the trade mark of the maker. Unfortunately I don't recognize it. In my opinion this instrument has been made before the First World War. In those days steel reeds were quite new thing. Accordions with steel reeds were "better" than those with brass reeds. That's why there was a "Stahltöne" plate in many accordions.

Johann H. Veenhuis

I have got from my late father in low a beautiful instrument look like all the accordeon above. Also the mark is the same: G&C Stahltöne
21 and 12 buttons

Who wants buy this instrument?


I just picked up a similar instrument for my Dad who is 87, It looks very like the picture except the buttons are white with black centers and look like ivory. The owner said it was from the 1920's and also has the name KOCH on the cover of the felts.


Me, too. I have an 11 button one that I got from the Jewish Quarter in Prague. It's really hard to play, but it works well. I am trying to find the buttons/information on line to play it, but I'm not having much luck.

J Dewinter

the Insturment is called a Bandoneka, made In Germany.
CofGp Museum

Frans Schmitz

Hello everyone.

I sow a beautiful accordeon and i think i have the same like wat is made in Germany,its a Bandonika,i really don't no how to play,how old he is,i don't no either,but on the baccide is written its from germany from G&C.
Please is there someone watt can help me with this instrument,thank you.


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