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Bruce Pietro

I own an exact Magnus childs toy organ like you have posted above. My name is Bruce, and am into collecting antique Bakelite shortwave radio's from the 40's. I did much rechearch on the organ and it was manufactured by the Magnus harmonica compary in the late 1940's to early 1950's. I do have a rubber ink stamp pressed onto the bottom of the organ that reads 1951. I enjoy the beautiful mellow sounds that it produces and the multi collored swirled plastic that the fan shroud is made of. Bruce.

Dennis Souter

I think this brand of toy organ was from the early '50s. I got new one as a Christmas present then that I still have.


Glad to hear that some people are still enjoying these toys. I think one of these would like rather good in my (small) collection of miniature instruments.


I have a working one for sale if you are interested.


I have been trying to find information on a Magnus Organ- Made in USA Magnus-Organ Corporation, Linden, NJ. No.9427 8. Organ Serial.
Model sl # 605-P inspected by 37
appears to be bakelite


What does it look like Edith ?

Is it different to the one above ?


No, Squeezyboy, it doesn't look like the organ pictured.
The approx. size is: 32" high,(the legs are 23") 29 1/4 wide and the depth is 11". It has a light on top, knee mover for soft or vibrant sound and the turn on knob is on the right lower side.
The sound is beautiful but the music sheet holder is missing. At the moment I am using a piece of Bead board in the slot and it works fine.
I am really trying to find out what year it was manufactured.


Hello All:

I have a Magnus Organ, model# 1510 that was purchased for me in 1947 as a christmas gift. It is still working and I plan to give it to my 14 year old grand-daughter someday. Does anyone know the monetary value of this model today?



Hi Barb,

Unfortunately these things are very underappreciated and not valuable at all.
They crop up on Ebay frequently.
For example, this one
has a buy it now price of $39.99 US.


I have a magnus organ, model 300. I don't know what year it was made, but it was given to me 40 years ago. Any idea how much it would be worth or where to go to sell it?



There are usually a few available on Ebay, and they're not worth a great deal at all.


Hey! I found a Magnus 500 (made of wood) wich I understand is a rare model. I want to customize it, but I don't know how much is it worth. IF it's not much, then I'll do it; but If It is really a rare piece, I wouldn't like to screw it up. Fully functional, only missing a side handle and the partiture board. In perfect shape.


Hi Quetxy,

Even if the Magnus 500 is rare I wouldn't expect it to be particularly valuable. There doesn't seem to be a large collectors market for these things.

Charles Martin

I recently bought a Magnus Grand 500, Red Oak Wood Wind Organ from a garage sale that Grandma had stored behind some boxes, mint condition. nothing broken, everything intack.also it has the matching seat stool, also in perfect condition. It's a must see, belongs in a museum on display.let's talk, I have no use for it.



I recently found a magnus organ for sale in a recycled store for 49 € (I'm from Belgium, 49 € is about 60 $)
It's made from wood, has 2 keyboards but no chord buttons. It also has accompaniment features.
I tried searching information on it, but found no magnus organ on the internet matching this description.
As I'm not such a professional on magnus organs, I was wondering what kind of organ this was and how rare it is?

Thanks for helping out


I don't know anything about your model but it sounds interesting.
Would you like to send some photos so that we can all see them ?



I uploaded some pictures of it to imageshack.

If anyone can help.. :)


I have wanted a chord organ for a while, and there's one on ebay that says it is model 620P. I can't find any information on this model, is it legit? thanks.



i have a magnus mini organ 1510 that was given to my husband a few years ago. the home owner was going to throw it out. it works great...thought it might help pay some bills...not sure it's worth much.


i was given a magnus organ corp. electric organ model # wa-90.the tag on it says april 24,1929.does anyone have any info. on it?


Magnus, founded by Finn Magnus an immigrant to the USA from Norway when he was 17 started this company in 1945 after his struggle to find a harmonica during the Second World War, since all the suppliers were in Germany or Japan. He devised a plastic reed harmonica which by 1950 he was producing 6,000 an hour, 24 hours a day. (Summary from a 1950 Article in The American Magazine)


Great information, thanks m.

amy waugaman

saw one as pictured in an Ohio antique shop for $800.00 and that was about 10 years ago. I have one that belonged to my dad and used it often as a child I am now in my 50s.


Would you have any information on a "FUJI" miniature player piano

mr hayz

i just posted one on ebay last nite 5/31/09 just like the one in your pic..its in like new condition...there is a small group of im guessing professional organist/pianist's who do collect toy organs and pianos to display in there game rooms and such...

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